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Why The Masters Is The Best Golf Tournament In The World

Winning Masters is a lot like winning in life—all you have to do is focus.

Many people find watching golf to be boring, but when it comes to The Masters, the saying that television golf is like watching grass grow, well, clearly they’ve never watched the tournament.

Though TV ratings dipped this year because of the absence of Tiger Woods (injury) and Phil Mickelson (missing the cut), the springtime event on the iconic Augusta National in Georgia still offered plenty of thrills.

This year’s tournament was anti-climatic going into final hole because eventual winner Bubba Watson, who won in 2012, had a three-shot lead. But those who tuned in got a chance to see one of the future stars of the sport in 20-year-old Jordan Spieth. The Texan showed his moxie when he made it to the final pairing of the tournament and took the lead on the front nine on Sunday, aided by a shot holed from the bunker.

Experience matters, however, and Spieth didn’t handle the pressure of what it takes to win the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. That day will come because learning from failures is what drives us to succeed and shows us how it’s done.

Watson already had his green jacket by winning in 2012 and knew what it took to do it for a second time. Handling the emotions of the moment and making the right decisions when you’re on the spot and your heart’s pounding and then executing it is what makes champions.

Tiger Woods was the master at that before injuries and expectations of winning apparently became too much for him to handle (though I wouldn’t count him out quite yet).

That’s what makes sports so amazing to watch and makes it compelling drama and not at all like watching growing grass–to see people overcome the doubts and fears they must face and accomplish feats that others can’t.

None of us will ever play at The Masters or compete at such a high level against superior competitors, but, life, like golf, the biggest competition is within ourselves and focusing on each shot and being ready when the moment’s thrust upon us.

You don’t have to win The Masters to master your own life.

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