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Elderly woman maintaining ideal lifestyle and weight

Keeping The Weight Off

Learning how to deal with Maintaining your Weight Loss

Many women deal with the yo-yo syndrome. The yo-you reference comes from battling to lose three pounds and then gaining those three pounds back, plus two more in less than two weeks. It constantly happens causes more depression than ever. However, a new study suggests that it could cause more than just depression; it can increase the risk of heart health in older women (premenopausal).

The pounds that go away and then come right back affects metabolism, which causes the body to store more fat leading to an increased risk in cardiovascular health. Older women, who dieted and then gained back the weight they lost through that diet, were found to have higher levels of cholesterol and insulin resistance. These are both warning signs of the disease of diabetes.

Losing and gaining weight on a continuous routine will eventually cause a number of problems to the heart.

The solution is to lose the weight and keep it off but since there are people who do have issues with being able to do that, another option is to maintain the current weight instead.

In order to maintain your current weight you should find out how many calories you should eat per day and eat that amount daily.

If you still want to try to lose weight, you can try to count calories. All you need to do is to take lower of your current calorie intake. You should always talk with your doctor or speak to a dietician first to find out what a good amount of calories per day. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. Once you have been given a safe amount to cut, you can start to take weight off. Start with simply eating healthier foods with fewer amounts of calories. Step it up by adding exercise to your routine.

It is important however, to stick to your guns because yo-yoing back and forth can cause a number of problems to go wrong.

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