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NiC Cover Story: Lenny Kravitz

Like a fine wine, the off-the-charts sexy rock star is just now hitting his stride.

Whenever I catch sight of America’s resident coolest kid in class, Lenny Kravitz, live on stage, performing at the Grammys or in a darkened movie theater projected larger than life on the screen, it makes me uncomfortable.

Well, uncomfortable may not be the precise word I’m looking for; more like, the incredibly talented New York City native makes me hyper self-aware about my own hyper self-awareness. You see, Kravitz is sooo acutely comfortable in his own skin, even with all the amazing and fashion-forward trappings he’s known for—leather! piercings! jewelry! tattoos!—that by comparison, any other human is simply, well, lacking. Who, exactly, can compete with the likes of this beautiful, black, Jewish, rock god who happens to be (in his down time) an acclaimed actor whose muscled physique would even make David run for cover? You know whom? No one.

That’s a lot of pressure to live up to, but incredibly, Kravitz seems to take it all in stride. The fact that his demeanor is way more California laid back than NYC in-your-face intensity ups the incredulity meter on this man’s perfection. Trust me, if Lenny Kravitz wasn’t so damn charming and self-effacing, he’d be impossible not to hate. But I don’t hate Lenny Kravitz—and neither do you—exactly the opposite is true. We want to be his friend; scratch that, his best friend, his wingman, his drinking buddy or something much, much closer.

So as this country’s ultimate BMOC (big man on campus) rounds the corner and lands on the other side of the celebrity 50 club—clearly as club president—it should give us some comfort to know that the image we first had of Kravitz all those years ago scorching his rendition of “American Woman” is still the Kravitz we see today. Not only is Lenny Kravitz a true American original, he seems to know it and rolls with it.

Fact: I want to be Lenny Kravitz’s friend.
Fact: You do, too.

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