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Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Sets New Record On Sales Of Supercars, Besting Rivals

Lamborghini, according to the most recent data, is one of the best-selling supercar brands. Considering the lavish price tag that’s attached, this new data is rather surprising. Last year, the carmaker unloaded 3,245 cars, setting a new record. In fact, sales were so strong that the company stated that this is the most cars they’ve ever sold in their 53-year history. The outlook for 2016 and beyond is good, too.

The best year before this was 2014, when the carmaker sold 2,530 vehicles – which also set a new record. Its high before that was in 2008, when it sold 2,430 vehicles. As the real estate bubble burst, though, the company suffered dwindling sales until just recently, where it’s obviously made a full recovery.

The Sant’Agata based factory is now gearing up to add a third line of vehicles, adding one more model to their popular Huracan and Aventador. The Urus will be the newest Lambo to grace billionaire’s garages, and we’ll be doing a full write-up on it soon, so you can learn more about it. As factory output is increased, Lamborghini has said that they expect to move 3,000 units of the Urus each year, which could double the sales that they just did this past year, potentially putting them in a position to be one of the leading supercar makers worldwide.

Owned by Volkswagen, Lamborghini is the parent company’s smallest brand. And they are not the biggest contender in the luxury market, either. That accolade goes to Bentley, which sold 11,000 vehicles this past year, cementing themselves as the leading maker of ultra-expensive automobiles. By comparison, Bugatti sells just hundreds of cars per year. And McLaren sold only 1,650 last year. Ferrari sits in the middle, selling about 7,000 cars per year.

Who knew that supercars were so popular? Given their outrageous price tags, and the fact that only the super wealthy can afford them – who is buying all of these cars up each year to where thousands upon thousands of them are being made? Oddly enough, West Vancouver is the supercar capital of the world (self-proclaimed), where 1 out of 142 people in this region own a supercar.

Sorry, Dubai, but you will just have to settle for being in the top-10 at the present. Those Canadians have you beat solid.

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