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Julianne Moore Is Hollywood’s Newest “It” Girl

At 53, Julianne Moore effortlessly steals a guy from Scarlett Johansson and lands a role in The Hunger Games. And she still has more energy than you do.

Julianne Moore has never been cooler.

She flaunts her long-time happy relationship with husband Bart Freundlich, who at 44 is nine years her junior. In last year’s indie comedy Don Jon, she steals Joseph Gordon-Levitt from smoking hot Scarlett Johansson. And she just signed on to play the girlfriend of newly out lesbian Ellen Page in an upcoming drama.

Then there’s a little movie series called The Hunger Games. She appears in the last two films, Mocking Jay Part 1 and Part 2, as President Alma Coin. So prepare yourselves for a lot more Julianne Moore.

Now comes the slightly irritating part. She does all of this while raising two children, and still has energy left for date nights to Knicks games, where she has actually made the news because of her tireless cheering (and smooching of her husband).

I shouldn’t be surprised by Julianne’s nabbing these “cool” roles, as she has always been a bit of a rebel, not appearing in her first movie (Tales From The Darkside: The Movie) until she was almost 30. Since then, she’s shot to four Oscar nominations and memorable roles in movies from Jurassic Park to The Big Lebowski. She mixes blockbusters and indie flicks with ease and often tackles difficult, emotional roles, like her unforgettable portrayal as the unlikely mother figure in Boogie Nights’ world of porn.

But while I’ve always loved Julianne, I could never have predicted that my favorite redhead would seemingly have her finger on the pulse of pop culture in right this minute. It was like she drank from the fountain of youth, the best walking, smiling defense Hollywood could have ever dreamed of against plastic surgery. Because, yes, she has spoken out publicly against plastic surgery.

And she stole a guy from Scarlett Johansson!

Then she nabbed a role in the movie series of the decade while planning to play a lesbian opposite the actress who just happens to be the current most famous lesbian.

All eyes on Julianne Moore. And what a view to see.

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