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Tim Tebow

It’s About 99% Tebow Time (For Reals This Time, Almost)

Tim Tebow got his shot at the NFL again in April, when he signed with the Eagles. But most experts were predicting that he wouldn’t make the final roster. Now that could be all changing.

The chances of Tim Tebow getting one more shot at the NFL seemed thin at best, until the Eagles signed him this past April. It had been over two years since he had played in the NFL, and he had been cut by the Patriots in 2013 after not making the team.

Previous to getting what many experts say is likely his last shot in the NFL, Tebow dedicated 18 months to revamping his passing style to be more in tune with the NFL style of pocket passing, and not the inaccurate run and gun of his college yesteryear. But the Eagles already had three quarterbacks with starter Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. Tebow’s shot seemed farfetched at best, given the competition.

Following the past week of training camp, though, it is looking more like Tebow will make the team. Both Barkley and Tebow are splitting reps under the third team, and the Eagles are busy shopping Barkley to other teams in the meanwhile. If they do likely deal away Barkley, Tebow will at least make the third-string.

According to the Philly Voice, the team is planning to add him to the roster for at least this season.

“Over the last few weeks, chatter among some people who are plugged in with the team believe that the Eagles didn’t just sign Tim Tebow because he’s a nice guy, or a ‘camp arm.’ Their sentiment is that the Eagles not only intend to keep him, but they intend to use him.”

And team members also agree.

According to edge rusher Brandon Graham:

“Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people because he’s going to make the team. I think he’ll play a lot.”

While this may shock some, it shouldn’t be all that surprising given Chip Kelly’s wild offseason moves. Bleacher Report already chimed in by saying that Kelly is looking to add short-yardage plays into his game plan so that he can take advantage of Tebow, whose arm is amazingly accurate in the short depth plays. This can also confuse defenses, who have to prepare for either a very accurate short throw that comes quickly, or the alternative of Tebow breaking a run and getting even more yards.

Likely, we’ll see Tebow being used in short and third plays and fourth and inches plays, in particular near the end zone, where a running back or a full back would normally carry it in, but where he confuses defenses even more. Incorporating him into these tough-nose plays also could help keep Bradford healthier, who’s coming off consecutive seasons with ACL injuries.

The truth told, if anyone can find a place for Tebow, Chip Kelly is the man to do it. Given the aforementioned information, it’s likely about 99% Tebow Time.

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