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In Paris, You Can Buy Meat From A Vending Machine

Think you’ve seen everything that can come out a vending machine? Think again. In Paris, apparently, you can get steak from a vending machine. No joke.

It does seem odd. But here’s the deal. In the Rue de Charonne in eastern Paris there are large, red meat vending machines that serve up Bayonne ham and Basque pate.

You can thank the innovating duo Florence and Michel Pouzol of “L’ami Txulette, who co-own a butcher shop, for creating these machines. A small investment of 40,000 euros helped them design and produce refrigerated machines that sell the vacuum-sealed meat.

The inventors say that the goal was to sell meat after their butcher shop was closed for the day.

The machines accept cash and credit cards. They offer a variety of meats that also include: duck confit, beef carpaccio, filet steaks and more.

“Our customers are young. There are also quite a few bars and restaurants along the boulevard,” Florence Pouzol said in an interview. “When we see them during the day, they tell us: “Last night, I bought this, or that, and it was really helpful.” We also have those who work in the cafes and restaurants and who come off work at 2 a.m. They tell us they were happy to buy an entrecote or something else to eat.”

Even though a steak vending machine sounds odd, you’d be surprised at what else is being sold in vending machines around the world, according to Buzzfeed.

China has a live crab vending machine that forces the crabs to hibernate by keeping the temperature at 41F. In Beverly Hills, CA, there is a caviar vending machine, while in Japan there is a lettuce vending machine.

Singapore boasts a mashed potato vending machine while Australia offers a French fry vending machine. You can buy eggs and milk from a vending machine in Germany, and cupcakes from machines positioned around the USA. Moscow has a burger vending machine, while Texas offers a pecan pie one.

It seems there is no end for the creativity that is being integrated into vending machines these days. Who knows what will be thought up next. But it’s safe to say that whatever the next big vending trend is, it will be interesting.

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