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golf tips for baby boomers

Improving Your Golf Game | Baby Boomer Golf Tips

The Baby Boomer golfer will always benefit from as many tips as possible. With plenty of fairway in front of you and fine weather above you, golf is a timeless recreational activity that is enjoyed by most Boomers. Getting that swing to zing can be attained. These tips can help.

If you are fond of the great game of golf, you’ll always benefit from as many Baby Boomer golf tips as possible. With aging you may notice that your swing is not where you want it to be, or where it once was (just ask Tiger Woods), and you may not have as much endurance. But your mind is surely sharp as a tack and you are able to see how things work out much better. To accommodate this, these following suggestions can help you get back in the swing of your game.

Warm-Ups Matter

Strength and flexibility are your best friends with any golf swing. At the top of the list is your warm-up routine. Have a pro evaluate your swing and suggest custom tailored warm-up methods that you can use to stretch out your limbs before you tackle 18-holes on a Sunday. Focus on these areas in particular: hips, shoulder, neck and ankles. Pro golfers advise 10 minutes of warm-ups using stretches and practice swings.

Update Your Gear

While you may love that club set, older Americans have different needs. Consider replacing long irons with hybrids, which are easier to swing and hit with. Take out the low-lofted 3-woods and check out how you swing with a high-launch 3-wood instead. Assure that shafts match your ability and current strength for optimal results. Also, consider changing your grips to get more power and control.

Professional golfers routinely say that best Baby Boomer golf tips involve you practicing on the short game, as opposed to looking towards driving the ball down the fairway like you used to. Since half the game is the short game, if you put the focus where it makes the most sense, it won’t matter if your long game is not as sharp as it once was.

Lastly, putting should also be a large focus of your time. Getting to the green is one thing. But how you finish up, and whether you sink that long birdie or go for par or even bogey, will ultimately mean the difference in your game and your handicap.

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