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McLaren 675LT

Impressive, New McLaren 675LT Boasts A Devilish 666-Horsepower

The forthcoming McLaren 675LT delivers an awe-inspiring 666-horsepower and comes adorned with all the fineries that you would expect from any iconic supercar.

Step aside 650S, because the 675LT is the new, faster kid in town in the McLaren metropolis. The name pays homage to the 1997 F1 GT “Longtail” homologation special, a McLaren that boasted an elaborate body style and signature aerodynamics. But the 675LT brings modern era technology into the fore, besting all previous contenders.

Only 1.5” longer than its 650S cousin, and lauding a larger active rear spoiler (about 50% larger than the 650S in fact), it’s one sexy car. Longtail cars are primarily made to emphasize weight reduction, performance and driver engagement, which the 675LT easily does.

According to McLaren, over one-third of the parts on the car were changed out and replaced with lighter parts to achieve the longtail vision. Notable styling includes elements like the louvered plexiglass rear window, the custom-molded rear fascia with LED tail lamps, and large, titanium exhaust ports, as well as the intricate scoops and vents and the carbon-fiber body kit, to name a few.

Under the hood is a powerful 3.8-liter V8 engine that’s twin-turbocharged, and that’s able to turn over 25 more horses than the 650S. And yes, the 675LT name may be confusing. That’s because it’s a power rating; the horsepower offered is 666 and 516 lb-ft of torque. The zero-to-60 is rated at a meager 2.9 seconds, provided you properly use the seven-speed double-clutch transmission that is.

A coupe version of the 675LT is rumored to be available soon for the small price tag of just $345,000. But with only 500 units being made, you’ll have to get in line now if you ever hope to get your hands wrapped around the steering wheel.

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