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Holy Cow! Five Most Expensive Steaks In The World

A trip to the steakhouse is never a cheap one, but you had better have a healthy bank account if you wish to indulge in any of the following most expensive steaks in the world.

You will likely find it hard to believe just how pricey the following list of the most expensive steaks in the world is. But for the wealthy, when money is no object, these following entrees will set you back a pretty penny.

  1. A5 Kobe Strip Steak – $350

One of the most expensive steaks in the world is offered at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York, NY. They grill up a Kobe strip steak that will run you $350. They say that they sell about 25 of these bad boys each night. Kobe beef is pricey because the cows are not allowed to graze, are overfed and are even massaged until they are slaughtered, making for more tender beef.

  1. Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin – $295

At the Prime restaurant in Sidney, Australia, you can get a perfectly marbled Wagyu tenderloin for the meager price of just $295. The cows are fed prime grain for 600 days before they are slaughtered; and this makes for the highest scored cut of Wagyu meat that you can find anywhere. But you won’t find it anywhere but here, as the meat supplier only sells to this steakhouse.

  1. Charbroiled Kobe Filet – $258

If you find yourself in Japan, you can stop by the Aragawa restaurant, in Tokyo, and get a charbroiled Kobe filet for just $258. But you had better watch how much you order here because Forbes has warned patrons that the tab at this restaurant can exceed $750 for just two people.

  1. Select Special Kobe Filet – $246

The Select Special Kobe Filet at the Renga-Tei Steak Restaurant in Kobe, Japan, is nearly as famous as the Wagyu beef found at the Prime restaurant in Sidney. 5.6 ounces of tender, succulent beef is specially grilled on an iron skillet for the small price tag of just $246.

  1. Wagyu Sirloin – $169

Found in Dubai, at the Al Muntaha Restaurant, you can get a 10.5-ounce Australian Wagyu Sirloin for only $200. Modeled after its Australian counterpart, the price tag is notably cheaper because they don’t have the same meat supplier.

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