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When Hollywood Stars Date (Much) Younger Men

Many of Hollywood’s female A-List stars have embraced a dating pool of adoring (and beautiful) “boy toys.”

The newest TV ad for features a happy, athletic couple that exudes the right level of attractiveness we’ve come to expect from the company that bills itself as the “nation’s largest online dating community for 50+ singles.” The woman laughs giddily and then implies that she turned to Our Time to find a real man who doesn’t want to date “some 35 year old.

So that’s a new little dig.

That’s one way to battle the endurance of the May-December romance. Hollywood has another. Rather, some of the most famous women on the planet have just flipped it from the norm and adopted it as their own.

It seems like every time I flip through the celebrity magazines, there’s a new female star with a “boytoy.” Hey, nowhere does the definition of a May-December romance say that the man has to be the one representing “December.

Demi Moore, 51, decided that even though her divorce from the 15 years younger Ashton Kutcher sent her into a tailspin, she wasn’t done with younger men; in fact, she’s currently dating Sean Friday, 27, a friend of her 25-year-old daughter, Rumer. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum, 40, has been flaunting her new beau Vito Schnabel, 27, who briefly dated Demi. And Courteney Cox, 49, has been quietly dating hunky Johnny McDaid, 37, whom she met, fittingly, on the set of her hit TV show Cougar Town.

What exactly is the appeal of much younger men to these real-life cougars? And do these relationships help even out the battle of the sexes?

Overall, I think it’s a good thing, whether or not I roll my eyes every time Madonna, 55, rolls out a new boyfriend 30 years her junior. Ultimately, if a bachelor or bachelorette has a thing for lovers in a certain age group (whether permanently or temporarily), they should go for it. Sure, it stings sometimes when a male friend of mine is dating someone much younger, but it’s nothing more than an ego blow, something I have the confidence to overcome. If that’s his thing, then he’s simply not in my dating pool, no more so than if he liked only blondes or women the size of my leg.

These female Hollywood big wigs are having their moment of fun, they’re massively successful and they certainly don’t need anyone to take care of them: Why not be worshipped by a younger man? It’s easy to think these women “have it all.” But maybe, like the woman in the Our Time commercial, they’re simply tired of competing with younger women for dates with their male peers—and in Hollywood,  no less, where you can never be too young.

I love that we live in a world with options, whether it’s removing the taboo of the boytoy, or hopping online where everyone’s in the same age group. It takes a lot of confidence to buck the norm and step out with a much younger man—let alone date one in the first place.

For courage and for flipping the tables on the expected, I salute these Hollywood women and they deservedly get my applause.

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