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The Playboy Sugar Daddy And His Blabbing Sugar Baby: Why I Respect Both

Like it or not, both Holly Madison (with her tell-all) and Hugh Hefner are good business people.

Holly Madison’s new tell-all book Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny about her uncomfortable years at the (in)famous Playboy Mansion as one of Hugh Hefner’s “girls” is catching a lot of news this week.

I had no idea who this woman was until I started reading some of the juicy quotes from her book about life with the octogenarian and his multiple live-in girlfriends – followed by hundreds of comments on USWeekly and the UK’s Daily Mail. A lot of people are shocked (shocked) at either what she wrote or that she blabbed, vehemently take one side or the other. This overlooks what we as a society are missing as a whole in regards to these types of relationships.

Some background: According to her own words former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison, 35, said she remembers feeling ‘really shitty’ the day following her first Hef hookup, but still asked the Playboy tycoon, now 89, to move into the mansion.

‘That might seem counterintuitive — “’I’m not into it, but I’ll come back for more” – but I felt stuck in my life, trying to make ends meet,’ Madison wrote.

‘I lost the lease on my apartment. I felt like I’d already thrown myself to the wolves, so I might as well reap the rewards and not just be one more slut who walked through those doors.’

Well, dear readers, having read so many comments on those sites, I was actually impressed by the number that noted something to the effect of, “They both know what they are doing.” Seems most folks are pretty rational and logical. Who knew!

Our own Buck Wargo wrote about society’s changing sexual relationships in his story on why women loved 50 Shades of Grey. When it comes to sex, adults of all ages are showing signs of more open-mindedness than we thought a few short years ago. And that’s a good thing for people in my book.

While a fair amount of men’s taking Hef’s side is predicable, as are the women posting simple comments like “Hef’s a pig,” what really stuck out were the far greater amount of rational comments and what the greater societal meaning is from those. Hef and Holly are both adults, and each made their own choices as adults to get what they need from each other to survive and fulfill their own personal wants. For Holly, it was getting a “way out” and for Hef it was for ego, desire, (and sex), and perhaps it also helps keeping that legendary Playboy brand out there in an era of disappearing magazines and free internet porn. Meanwhile, she is using all of this to promote her own fame and eventual business opportunities.

Former playmate Holly Maidson’s new “tell-all” book hit retailers this week.

And there it is… It is business. It is survival in a modern world. It is humanity with all its faults, its ugliness, and yes, it’s good.

We live in a capitalist society, folks. America is where it is all about making money to achieve your dreams.

And guess what. Both Hef and Holly Madison did just that. Holly has a book out and is in the public eye, where she clearly feels comfortable; she is married to a very successful man and they have a daughter. I’d bet a hundred bucks she is happier now then when she was working at Hooters before meeting Hef, unable to pay the rent and feeling her life was going nowhere. Holly is getting the attention almost all humans want (let alone Playmates and gorgeous women) and if you think not, well, I give you Facebook.

But here is the little detail where I can respect her as a fellow human being: She doesn’t lie about why she did it, and she threw herself under the bus when she said; “I lost the lease on my apartment. I felt like I’d already thrown myself to the wolves, so I might as well reap the rewards and not just be one more slut who walked through those (Mansion) doors.” That seems like she is pretty damn honest about how she felt about her role in the situation.

And Hef insinuated disappointment (while continuing to soak up all of this new attention on his dying Playboy empire) when he finally gave his statement on the whole thing. “Many (ex-girlfriends) moved on to live happy, healthy and productive lives, and I’m pleased to say remain dear friends today. Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight. I guess, as the old saying goes: You can’t win ’em all!” He took the “high road” be it for PR, be it “his” version of the truth, we will never know. But I can assure you; he probably did some of the things she claims. There is the truth, and each of them are only telling a part of it.

Hef had his needs met as well by Holly in whatever way all us Playboy Mansion “non-invitees” will never fully understand (but can probably guess). He had to have known that someday someone would eventually write a book about it.

Personally, in this hard, often-jaded world we live in, I applaud them both at least for achieving their own dreams. They both used each other and not in the most attractive ways. But in the end, Holly’s book isn’t stopping Hef from continuing to live out his dreams with a young blond (wife Crystal Harris, 29). And now it seems like Holly is getting to live hers, too.


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