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Here’s What To Expect During A 14-Day Detox

How many toxins has your body been subjected to over the years? Think about every bite of junk food you have ever consumed … every sip of wine or beer … and even any tobacco products that you have ever used (if you have ever used them). Certainly, the body has its own internal detoxification systems. But sometimes a gentle 14-day detox can help expedite the process, especially when recovering from an illness like the flu. Here’s what you can expect during such a cycle.

Dietary Changes

The 14-day detox that you choose can vary. Some are juice cleanses while others are water cleanses, and yet others involve taking supplements and restricting your diet to just veggies. Make sure you fully research your options before making any drastic dietary changes. It’s always a good idea to discuss any detox and supplement regiment with your doctor beforehand as well to avoid any complications.

Increased Water Intake

The most common element that almost every detox cycle shares is water intake. Normally you are supposed to drink six to eight glasses of water daily. But with a detox cycle, you can expect to be drinking double or even triple that amount. This helps your body purge itself of toxins and aids in cleansing your kidneys and liver, too.

Lethargy, Tiredness, Achiness

It’s not going to be a smooth drive for most people. Just think about all of those toxins that you have ingested over the years. When your body starts purging them, you can expect to experience some side effects. These can range from feeling tired to being achy and even feeling nauseous. Make sure you contact your medical practitioner if the side effects are too extreme to get further advice.

Colon Cleansing

A colon cleansing is generally part of any detox cycle. The average person can actually carry as much as five-pounds of excess fecal matter in their colon. As a bonus, once the cycle is complete, you will feel less bloated and your digestive system should be working more efficiently. Make sure you look into probiotics that you can start taking to help normalize your colon in the aftermath.

Moderate Weight Loss

Typically, most people experience mild weight loss when detoxing. Sometimes, this is due to the colon being cleansed. Other times it’s due to the restrictive diet or a combination of the two. Either way, dropping a few excess pounds isn’t the worst thing in the world.


If you are able to stick to your regiment and make it through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You should complete your detox cycle feeling rejuvenated and revived. You should experience enhanced energy, improved mental clarity and overall well-being. Sure, it’s going to be tough, but the end results make it well worth the effort.

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