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strawberry moon

Here’s The 411 On The Rare Strawberry Moon

This past week hosted a rarity, something that has not occurred since 1967: A Strawberry Moon and the summer solstice taking place simultaneously. The Algonquin tribes from North American named this special moon because it marked the start of the strawberry harvest and season.

But it’s known by more names than just being a Strawberry Moon. Other references include a Rose Moon, Hot Moon, Long Night Moon and Honey Moon.

Its name, however, may be a bit misleading. That’s because this moon certainly won’t be colored like a strawberry. Yet it can show hues of amber, something that may set it apart from other full moons.

So how rare is this moon in coordination with summer solstice? Experts say that this combination will not occur again until 2062. More importantly, the solstice denotes that the year is officially half done.

What could lie ahead in the future, who knows? What have you accomplished thus far this year that may make you proud? It’s perhaps time to reflect a little bit.

If you had a chance to enjoy this amazing full moon, you’d note that it was a bit lower in the sky. This results in the sun cascading off it as its setting and the moon is rising. Hence a popular alternative name for this moon as Honey Moon.

Here’s something many of you were or are likely thinking about in regard to any full moon: do they actually affect people’s sanity?

I wondered the same thing, and took the time to look up the answer on Scientific American. As it turns out, no, a full moon has no bearing on anyone’s sanity, at least according to the rash of studies that have been conducted regarding it.

So there you have it.  A Strawberry Moon marks the start of the strawberry harvest, and only coincides directly with summer solstice about once every 100 years. It can also be called a Rose Moon, Hot Moon, Long Night Moon and Honey Moon. And, full moons have no scientific proof of affecting our sanity.

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