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Helpful Sudoku Tips for Beginners

If you are just getting started with Sudoku, then you’ll love these five helpful Sudoku tips for beginner’s we’re about to share.

One of the more popular numbers games that you can play is called Sudoku. It is played similar to how you play a crossword puzzle, but it uses numbers instead of words. Sudoku requires that you fill a row and column as well as a nine-digit box with the numbers one through nine, but you can only use each number one time per row/column for a maximum usage of nine times per number.

While Sudoku is a wonderful game for mental stimulation, it can be confusing when you are just getting started out. To help you make the most of your free time with this game, we’ve derived this helpful list. Use these Sudoku tips for beginners to get into the game and start winning more often.

Look for Definites: These are numbers that are going to be in a particular box. Begin with the number one and then use elimination methods to mentally picture where all the other ones are on the board. For the lines that only have a three-by-three space, the number one can go in this place, for example. Using this method, you can easily fill nine spaces quickly.

Rinse and repeat: Now follow this first step and apply it to other numbers. By eliminating your definites, you can be assured that the only thing left are a few blanks and some new rounds of definites, leading up to the conclusion of the game.

Trial and error: If you do find yourself stumped, just rely upon trial and error. If you are unable to find where more definites go, then start testing all possible numbers. You can use this to eliminate numbers that don’t work quickly.

Start on the simpler levels: While it may be tempting, make sure you start off easy and work your way up. Practice does indeed make perfect here. Once you have been able to easily figure out the simpler puzzles, slowly work your way up to the harder challenges. After a short amount of time, you will become a Sudoku master.

Patience is your greatest virtue: Sudoku is a game of time, wits and patience. This becomes truer as the difficulty of the puzzles increases. Take your time with puzzles and realize that they may take several days to solve. Then again, that’s half the fun.

What Sudoku tips for beginners can you offer to other players? Feel free to let us know with your comments.

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