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The End Of Dusting Is Upon Us, No-Hassle Era Begins Now

Dusting furniture and knick-knacks are far more of a health hazard than many realize. Let Dyson change that.

Some may find it odd that a magazine and website editor would be writing a story on an everyday household appliance—a vacuum, no less. But Dyson is no ordinary vacuum and I’m a snob about everything in my home. The washer and dryer should be commercial size, gas and steam clean my clothes. The refrigerator should have doors that close like a BMW, have a filtered ice and water dispenser and have organizational trays with blue LED lights. And so on.

Dyson vacuum
Dyson’s Digital Slim gets to hard-to-reach places.

I stopped dusting 20 years ago after having sinus surgery mostly because I would get a sinus infection much of the time. And when I was fortunate enough to have housekeepers, they were instructed not to dust. I was also lucky to have central vacuum systems, which are mostly only as good as the race car motor attached at the other end (hopefully). Mine could pull paint off the wall.

Now, in New York City, most of us barely have room for a broom. And as clean and tidy as I am, I’ll admit the dust in my home could be addressed more frequently. Then came Dyson’s Digital Slim series vacuums. The DC-59 Motorhead or DC59 Animal. They’re digital, bag less, cordless (yes), very powerful and can tuck away almost as easy as a broom—it’s that compact. All the “vacuum things” that we’ve been moaning about over the years has been addressed for many of us, at last. “The bag needs changing.” “My back hurts.” “I don’t want to drag that thing out.” Or you just knocked over a piece of Lalique crystal from a tabletop with the cord. All those complaints just became obsolete.

One of the best features of this vacuum is it’s truly lightweight, but very durable. There’s nothing flimsy that can snap off and is by no means delicate. Whether you’re using the vacuum with the attached floor motor brush piece (that snaps right on/off) or the handheld option with well-thought out attachments that require zero fuss, the crevice tool is great for tight spots, corners and edges—on the floorboards or the tiny spaces between your car seats. The small combination tool has an ingenious tuck-away sliding brush built into its attachment—bristles that circle the entire edge. Which means you can dust flat surfaces, uneven surfaces, crown moldings, TV remotes, grating on furniture, lampshades, picture frames, air vents and display items, delicate items, etc. Finally!

You can effectively vacuum your entire home (floors, carpets, furniture), do a quick touch-up for surprise guests or surprise spills (the pet’s food area) and closets. Or suck away thick dust or cobwebs in hard to reach places.

Dyson-DC59MHI hate to call it a vacuum, really. It feels more like a turbo blow dryer. Yet, I highly recommend it especially if you want the least amount of exertion, functional practicality and ease of use. For me, I’m just glad that the hard-to-get details around the house can be keep clean and that dust isn’t flying around, only to land somewhere else in my home. Dyson’s website has all the competitor comparisons, how-tos and innovative usage suggestions. I’m happy to be getting rid of unsightly dirt and dust that a regular vacuum can’t. And I’m even happier that a spontaneous clean up doesn’t require a gasp—or any procrastination. It’s just too easy. Finally.

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