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Vacation Spots for Seniors

Where To Go On Vacation

If you’re a senior citizen looking to travel somewhere that is relaxing, exciting and safe, then you’re likely not going to want to go to Cancun during Spring Break. There are plenty of great vacation spots for senior citizens right here in the United States, so no passports needed. Here is a list of great destinations for seniors looking to travel.

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada continues to be a hot spot for the young and old. It’s the perfect destination for senior citizens because there is a lot to see and do while there. You have natural landscapes that are picturesque, lovely hotels, fun casinos, exhilarating shows and you get to meet all sorts of people from around the world. Plus, the rates for meals and hotels are quite affordable.

Visit American History

Washington, DC is filled with patriotic history. You can visit the White House, attend top-rated museums and see famous monuments. There’ll be plenty of pictures to take when you visit here. Then getting from point A to point B is a breeze because the public transportation system is simple to use. The meals you’ll find here are pretty affordable as well.

More Historical Values

Baltimore, Maryland is another great location to visit if you’re looking for American history. It is a friendly place for senior citizens to visit and there are plenty of things to see. You can find historical ships, museums, interesting shops and exquisite restaurants. Then there are professional sports that you can watch that is within walking distance. There’s also a top-rated aquarium here.

Enjoy Jambalaya and Music

New Orleans, Louisiana is a unique historical destination that is filled with French heritage and cuisine. You’ll find traveling here to be quite interesting and relaxing. This makes for a great weekend getaway for relaxation in the Deep South. Don’t forget to visit the National World War II Museum.

Disney, Universal and Beaches

Orlando, Florida is known for being the home to Disney World and Universal Studios, among other amusement parks. There are plenty of thrills here, so if you’re looking to enjoy rides and see your favorite characters, then this is the place to come to. Other great destinations include Sea World and Gatorland. Not too far away, you can enjoy beach fun at Coco Beach or Daytona Beach.

Philly Cheesesteak Subs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the home of cheesesteak subs, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, both of which are free to visit. It’s also known as the City of Brotherly Love. Staying here is cheap and the food is excellent – make sure to try their famous Italian food.

No Misery in Missouri

Branson, Missouri is ideal for senior citizens who want to play golf, visit museums or see Branson’s infamous shows. This is a convenient location to get to attractions and recreations. A trip here is affordable and the memories you take home will be worth so much more.

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