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Five Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Lover’s Day is just around the corner. What Valentine’s Day date ideas have you been able to come up with that won’t pinch your wallet and take a dent out of your checking account?

Cupid is lurking, watching in the clouds with his arrow ready to loose. But one thing Cupid won’t help you with is your budget. If you find yourself in a slight financial pinch this time around, just use these wallet-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas to pull off a romantic endeavor without breaking the bank.

Dinner at Home

There’s nothing wrong with cooking a delicious, wholesome and gourmet meal at home. In fact, your significant other will appreciate that you took the time to wait for them hand on foot. Look up recipes online to find the perfect dish. Complement the evening with rose petals and candles in the bathtub, romantic music and some bubbly that will surely please you both.

Museum Goer

Off the beaten path for Valentine’s Day date ideas is the local art museum. What could be more romantic than gawking at renaissance era priceless artworks? Museum tickets are usually very affordable. Afterwards, you can follow-up the date with a home-cooked meal (see the first idea offered for more clarity).

Night Life Lover

Whilst other lovers are drawn to the local restaurant scene, which will be assuredly bursting at the seams, you can instead take your special someone out on the town. Cook a savory meal for two, and then hit the city for a special play, a symphony, the opera or even a live jazz show.

Murder Mystery

If you really want to get different this time around, you can’t go wrong with the murder mystery dinner theater – perhaps one of the more unique Valentine’s Day date ideas. Look up local listings online. Tickets are generally very affordable and include dinner and drinks for two with a captivating show that will have you both playing detective. Once you get home, it will be time to play doctor (wink-wink).

Romancing the Stone

Get Joan Wilder about your Valentine’s Day and stay in and watch classic movies from the 80s. Pop some popcorn and add special flavoring. Get cozy with a sudsy soda-pop and enjoy the little things in life. After all, that’s what makes your relationship so special: the little things you do with one another for one another.

What’s your Valentine’s Day date ideas? We’d be thrilled to hear about them all. Please let us know in the comments.

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