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Finally! Spring Fashion Kicks Into High Gear

After a long winter, prints and fresh colors dominate this season’s style trends.

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting all winter for spring to (finally) arrive. It’s here! Sifting through the photos from this season’s fashion shows in New York City, it can seem at first glance as though designers forgot that life continues after age 35. From the tween models to the not-always-forgiving fabrics, this particular Fashion Week didn’t exactly celebrate style at any age. Upon closer inspection, though, many of the catwalk trends we see, are actually quite appropriate for women of all ages. So while the fashion industry is looking ahead to winter, we’re taking a closer look at how to wear the best trends of the present season.

The first step for spring is to take inventory of what you have before you go shopping and don’t be surprised if your kids (or even grandkids) want to raid your closet. Let’s start out with some staples and work our way into incorporating new trends to stay stylish.

During my long career and my years on the road as a celebrity fashion director and stylist, the same three sartorial staples always came with me were (and still are) a crisp white button down collared shirt, a pair of jeans and little black dress. You can never go wrong with these items. I know you can all find one of these in your closet. They’re always in style and they go with everything.

This spring you can dress them up or down depending on your mood. To dress up, add a pointy toe red heel, chunky silver jewelry and a printed or metallic clutch. If you’re looking for a more casual look, go with a pair of pointy toe flats or cool flatbed sandal, keep the jewelry either way you go. If you have a lot to carry, replace the clutch with a chic (and unexpected) backpack.

Digging deeper into our closets, we should all be able to find a matching set, if it is printed even better. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through prints, my favorite three are watercolor, floral and tropical. For colors think pink, tangerine, bold red and bring out all your silver jewelry, it’s back in style, ladies. If prints aren’t for you, classic black and white always looks sharp, but keeping this conservative ensemble fresh is…accessories! Add a floral scarf in this spring’s top colors or a print, and you’ll be ready for anything this season.

I do love spring, and your wardrobe should know it’s spring, too.

I LOVE Blazers pair it with some light colored pants in salmon or white and you will look fabulous. It is also an easy way to give you a polished look and keep you warm on a chilly spring day or evening.

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