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Now eSalon Customizes Your Hair Color And Delivers It To Your Door

Get to know eSalon, a revolutionary lab service that customizes your monthly hair color formula online, then sends your personalized mix direct to your door.

esalon-heart-lock-itMade For You Custom Hair Color by eSalon is a personalized hair color delivery service that for $25 allows you to hook-up with a licensed color specialist who looks at your approximate formula selection you have chosen online, compares it to your supplied self images of your hair (and roots) and reviews any specified notes you provide. Don’t worry; it’s not vague or too cut and dry. First of all, the eSalon online system takes a lot of hair information and statistics from you—accurate info on date and types of chemical processing on your hair, length of virgin regrowth, percentage of gray in varying areas, thickness of your hair and more.

What I really like about eSalon is they put all the color values out there for you to see (blue-based colors, ash tones, gold tones and natural-violet shades) when trying to pin down what you think is your most natural shade versus your actual color range, before gray. Something not all store-bought box colors have the ability to do. If the colorist on the other end questions any part of your personal hair stats or base color selections, they actually call you, send you an email or both. For instance, my hair isn’t in the dark brown range, but the way I was viewing my personal hair tones on their website made me lean towards a dark brown when I was selecting a base formula. They called it—and got me on the phone right away. Then, they actually customized it. So I urge you to be detailed with your explanations and adjectives when working with your appointed eSalon colorist. They can only be as accurate as you’re willing to be.

Aside from eSalon’s formulary delivery service, the application instructions are hyper-specific to your color formula and desired result, as well as arriving in a deluxe presentation gift box. Your couture color kit comes complete with extra gloves, applicator brush, pre-stain guard and post-color remover, as well as their salon-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner packets. Take the extra moment to inspect what kit you’ve chosen versus additional accessories, as not to double-up on items or overlook well-priced supplies you don’t have at home (clips, bowls, protective cape, digital timer).

DIY hair color is not always due to cost. Many people either can’t physically get to a hair salon or lack the availability from a remote living area or are in-between salons or an experienced colorist. Having a foolproof, go-to emergency touch-up bottle of color could mean the difference between looking great and leaving the house or not. Made For You Custom Hair Color is also a great way to keep roots in check while in between professional foil weaves or Balayage appointments.

Advanced salon grade formulas include high amounts of nutrients to protect and nourish hair as well as cover stubborn grays, while protecting the integrity of the hair. The included Vitamin E, Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Aloe Vera and eSalon-color-kissChamomile in the formulas (to name a few) were evident in the end result of my hair. And as you’d expect from a major brand, there’s a follow-up hair care line of styling products. With eSalon’s being concise and effective. Heart Lock It and Love Unconditionally are the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set, with Tinted Love being your custom color conditioning in-between extender (nothing short of brilliant!). Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil and Perfect Ending Leave In Treatment offer ongoing luster to your final style. Color Kiss is a mascara-sized wand that can cover gray hair and regrowth for those important days, generally applied at the top partings and just behind the hairline.

OK, we’ve dreamed it. eSalon has now gone and granted our wish. Now experience customized color sent to your home. The future of hair color is here thanks to eSalon.

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