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Drink Up: Study Finds That Red Wine is Good for 50+ Health

Wine lovers rejoice! An emerging study has just found that there’s a direct link between people who consume red wine and good heart health. So if you are a 50+, wine-loving connoisseur, make sure you get your one glass per day in.

According to multiple studies, in addition to other authoritative findings, like those that have been procured by the esteemed doctors at Mayo Clinic, one or two glasses of red wine each day actually is good for your heart health. Really good in fact. There are a number of other benefits that red wine can bring including an increase of muscle strength, inhibiting the growth of fat cells, and also anti-aging.

You see, red wine contains a substance that’s called resveratrol. Think of resveratrol as an anti-inflammatory that works to reduce inflammation, and that also has been found to be very good for cardiovascular health. This is because resveratrol helps to inhibit a number of key factors that contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

Certain disorders, like myocardial infarction (which is a heart attack), strokes and even arthritis are commonly found in those who are 50+. But resveratrol has been studied extensively – perhaps even by a few red wine lovers along the way, who also happen to be doctors – and the findings and the numerous studies paint the savory picture.

Two research teams worked together on this study, the Department of Pharmacology of the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (JGU) and Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and the University of Vienna.

It has long been premonition that red wine improved heart health. One study found something called the “French Paradox,” which purported that the French have better cardiovascular health because they drink so much red wine. Newer studies have also emerged that have found resveratrol inhibits inflammatory formation.

In this study, it was determined that the regulator protein KSRP is activated by resveratrol, thus binding it. This protein helps decrease messenger RNA (mRNA), alongside of other inflammatory agents, helping to prevent them from blending together and contributing to poor heart health.

While the verdict is in and the jury is out, it’s still of good mind to be cognizant of your alcohol consumption. Certainly, two glasses of red wine never hurt anyone. But experts warn that consuming more than two drinks of a beverage that contains as much alcohol as red wine can be harmful to the liver.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines low-risk drinking as no more than three drinks on any given day or seven drinks in any given week. Bearing this fact in mind, it’s OK to tip your glass and it may even help your heart, but moderation is always the key to your success.

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