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Calling For a Trump Intervention

His once-revered brand is getting damaged with nothing to gain by running in the next presidential election.

I have to admit that watching Donald Trump dominate the political debate in this country right now has been fascinating to watch.

The news media jumps at his every word, and it would never turn down an opportunity to interview him. His ability to say much of what the other candidates just might wish they could say even caused my colleague to deem him the perfect spokesperson for the GOP.

Unlike political candidates in general, Trump’s not afraid to face the media’s questions and in fact relishes it. I don’t count when a candidate appears on some Fox News program, because they’ve become so softball.

Trump is sucking the life out of the GOP campaign and drawing nearly all of the attention. No one would expect one candidate out of more than a dozen to get this kind of attention, but then again no one else is Donald Trump. This is reality television on steroids during a wild political circus of a 2016 election.

I have to admit I personally like Trump. I’ve met him a few times when he was in Las Vegas for his condo hotel project and talked to him on the phone several times over the years about real estate and Las Vegas in general.

He was always been courteous to me and never sent me any nasty notes or called if one of my articles didn’t portray his project in a favorable light.

I’ve interviewed his son, Eric, and did a feature story on him, but don’t know any other members of the Trump family. I’ve always been impressed with how grounded and savvy his children appear to be, however.

But I will give this advice to those kids, as well as any other Trump family member, friend, or business associate of Donald who will listen: There needs to be an intervention.

We all have seen Donald not-so-quietly standing on the sidelines over the years, jumping into the political debate to talk about birth certificates or mouth off about running for president – without expecting him to ever do so.

And that’s how Trump has always garnered so much attention over the years without hurting his brand. I’ve met some of the people who invested with Trump and believed in him because of his brand. People want to stay at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas because of his name and the image of luxury.

Trump will go down as one of the greatest marketers in the history of the country – and yet he did more damage in a few seconds talking about Mexican immigrants and crime than in all the years it took him to build it to where it was.

That brand is tarnished, and I don’t think it will ever recover. He’s running for president, but in the end he will have nothing to show for it.

I’ve seen some columns written that say Trump has a chance to become president, but let me tell you the chances of that happening are zero. I live in Las Vegas, and it’s not hard to handicap the race.

There are a lot of supporters of Trump out there, and they will relish his positions and his mad-as-hell tone. But no one ever gets elected for president who campaigns in that style. Besides, Republicans already face a nearly impossible hurdle just with the current demographics.

The GOP is turning off Hispanics and other minorities, and with Hillary Clinton going to be the Democratic nominee, the surge of women who will want to elect the first female president will be too much to overcome.

Nothing will stop Clinton from becoming president unless her health were to prevent her from running. The election won’t be close. Forget about any polls that show that to be the case now.

I thought that Trump would never get into the race and keep staying on the edges and threatening to run as a third party candidate as he has done in the past, sparking debate on issues he thinks are important.

But now I fear that his current losses of business deals and arrangements may prompt him to think he has nothing left to lose by staying in the race.

I’m going to keep watching closely because it’s fascinating theater (and for that, it’s your own damn fault, Donald, for being demoted to the entertainment coverage in at least one big media outlet), especially knowing how the Republican establishment and GOP candidates must be in disbelief that he’s the focus of the race and likely to stay that way, even if he loses.

There’s nothing the GOP can do with Trump even though I suspected that high-ranking Republican would and will continue to urge him to tone down his rhetoric. That kind of intervention by the chairman of the GOP won’t work and will only spur on Trump.

Not only will the GOP race be fascinating, but it will also be interesting to watch what has been a great story about branding in America and where that will end up.

It’s not and won’t have a good ending and someone close to Donald needs to tell him that. I’m sure some already have but as we can see, it hasn’t done anything at all.

I’ve always followed the Dirty Harry philosophy espoused by Clint Eastwood: “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

Donald Trump doesn’t and hasn’t had many limitations in his life, but becoming President of the United States is one of them.

He should stick to what he knows and does best.

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