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Dating Advice for 50+ | Five Things to Know About Online Dating

For older Americans, you wouldn’t think that there’d be much dating advice for 50+ that could be offered. But things, the times, have changed. If you find yourself suddenly single and ready to mingle, make sure you grab some helpful starter tips from this list first.

Since the baby boomer generation has a 35 percent divorce rate, there’s roughly 20 million singles in this demographic that could use dating advice for 50+. One of the best places to look for a match these dates is at online dating sites. Equip yourself for romantic success by utilizing a few of the suggestions we’re about to offer.

Choose Your Platform Carefully

It can be confusing if you are just diving into the world of online dating. You’ll want to carefully glean your options here, too. It all depends upon what you are looking for. Free dating sites like Plenty of Fish namely cater to the millennial demographic, whereas sites like cater to all demographics. Take the time to research the dating site you plan on using (you’ll be able to find a few that are designed just for those who are 50 or older).

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Like Heinz ketchup, good things do indeed come to those who wait. In regard to online dating, it’s the best dating advice for 50+ that can be offered. Take the time to find the right online dating site. Spend time carefully honing your profile (more tips on that offered below). Be scrupulous with whom you contact, and be patient for responses. Love is not easy to find, but worth having once you do find it.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Remember that the internet can be filled with all sorts of whackos. While most people are generally good, you’ll want to safeguard yourself against any danger. Do not ever give out your personal information or financial information to a stranger, regardless the brevity of their tale. When you do date, always meet in a public place that’s well lit on the first date, so you can assure peace-of-mind.

Profile Creation Tips

Think of your profile like an elevator pitch about you with a media kit. It’s a marketing move. You’re trying to market yourself to other singles, and you’ve got to show something attractive. This includes a tag line that isn’t cliché, up-to-date pictures that show what you really look like (include as many as possible), highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, and clearly discussing your interests, hobbies, regrets, dreams, hopes and aspirations, etc.

Why a Premium Account Matters

Most dating sites offer a premium service, where you can enjoy enhanced features that you would not otherwise have access to for an added monthly fee. Take advantage of these premium options. Things like getting your profile highlighted to all members, showing up first in the search results and being rated as a premium, verified member will do wonders for your response rate and with getting you the traction that you are seeking.

Online dating need not be a fickle affair. You can find true love. Rely on this dating advice for 50+ along the way to make the most of your newfound romantic endeavor.

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