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Dating after 50

Dating After 50: Four Reasons to Revive the Romantic Flame

Dating after 50 is plausible, appealing to over 40% of those who were polled in a “This 50” survey by Today. The write-up offered some advice for those who are trying to rekindle romance later on in life. Key tidbits included: avoiding using past mental baggage to bond; waiting for sex until you are ready; leveling the dating playing field; finding three things you each like about one another; and creating meaningful conversation during dates.

There are some who frown upon the notion of leaping head-first back into the dating world. Perhaps you were hurt. Or maybe you are a widow or widower, divorcee or solitary person that enjoys your own space. But if you do feel the tickle of love teasing your heart, there’s ample reason why you ought to consider following those feelings.

Dating after 50 is not impossible. And you could just find your soulmate after all.

It’s Easier to Find Love These Days

One major hurdle that you won’t have to cross any longer (thanks to the internet) is with finding a person to date. A number of websites cater specifically to the dating after 50 demographic, making it easy to find and connect with people who share common interests. In addition, there are several smartphone apps that have been designed just for this age group of daters.

You’ve Still Got Plenty of Love to Give

50 is the new 40. With the average lifespan in America for men being 75 and for women being 85, you’ve got a few decades of romantic play time left in your soul. So why waste it when there’s someone that is seeking companionship and love, too. Sure, for some, they are content with where they are at. But if you ever find yourself daydreaming about being in a relationship, there’s never a better time than the present to go out there and make it happen.

Solidarity Decreases Longevity

It’s true, being single has its downsides. According to a study that was covered by CBS, which followed 200,000 people between the years 1997-2004, men who were in a relationship past the age of 50 had an 80% reduced mortality rate, whereas women in a relationship had a 59% decreased mortality rate. Being in a relationship can also bring happiness, which concurrent studies have found increases heart health and longevity.

Applying Your Life Lessons to the New Relationship

While life may not always be peaches and cream, it’s about the Journey, not the destination. Along the way, we are all certain to learn quite a few lessons, and plenty of us will have learned enough to pen entire novels on the topic of love. That being said, with all of this romantic knowledge infused in your cranium, it seems almost selfish not to, at least, consider sharing it with someone new and seeing if you can apply past life lessons to a new relationship.

If you do decide to start dating again, there are a few parting tips that can be offered. A article emphasizes that you should take these following aspects into consideration when seeking your ideal mate:

• Be flexible;
• Listening is priceless;
• Stay positive during dates;
• Dress attractively;
• Use dating resources.

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