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Dad’s Elder Home Care – Telltale Signs It May Be Time To Consider Making A Change

Making the decision to pursue elder home care for either parent is never an easy conclusion to arrive at. But the truth told, your dad will eventually need it someday, and so will you and I. Knowing how to identify when that day arrives could mean the difference between constant worry or a surprise hospital visit.

An excellent resource you should consider reading in this regard is found in the Extra Space blog. It provides vivid details and plausible, sensible suggestions that can help you arrive at a viable conclusion. To jump-start the process, here are a few telltale signs that it may be time to start talking about dad’s long term future.

Messy house: A surefire sign is a suddenly messy home. What once was a clean and welcoming environment that was well organized, but that suddenly falls into uncleanliness, may indicate that your dad is struggling to maintain the status quo.

Empty fridge: How’s dad’s fridge looking? If the shelves are empty, it may be a sign that your father is struggling to go grocery shopping or to cook. Spoiled food is another key sign that shouldn’t be ignored, either.

Hygiene concerns: What’s dad’s hygiene like? Has he given up on shaving? Does it seem like he is struggling to bathe? As we age, things that used to be simple tasks can really become cumbersome, and can lead many of us to overlook or ignore them.

Who is dad hanging out with? Isolation is a major health concern for old Americans, one that’s particularly concerning with single adults. Lack of a social circle may be an indicator that your dad is suffering from depression as a result of isolation.

Is dad still active? Relative to isolation is inactivity. Experts advise that this could be a sign of depression or that it could be related to underlying health or aging issues. Either one is a cause for concern that should be investigated completely by you.

Read a complete breakdown of this in the Extra Space blog, where they deliver a long list of tips and suggestions as well as resources that you can explore, so you can make a well informed decision.

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