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  1. re: Republicans Are Going to Leave the Country and Set Themselves on Fire Due to SCOTUS

    Richard Zombeck, or Zombie, are you being serious? The evangelicals are upset with SCOTUS. The majority of us Republicans don’t give a damn about the gay marriage ruling.

  2. Hello,please send information about mortgage

    • Hi Maria, We have forwarded your info to a someone who will be sending you info or be in touch Thanks for reading!

  3. In your article ” It’s Business As Usual When It Comes to Foreclosure” posted 05/02/2015. You wrote “nothing has really changed”.
    In 2009 I applied for HAMP with IndyMac OneWest Bank after countless re sending the same documents and phone calls I was placed in the Trial Modification. I stayed on line reading the successful stories and the horror experiences of home owners and I decided to continued into the trial phase even though the horror stories of people stressed to the point of just walking away from their homes lingered in my mind. To make sure none of my payments were missed I sent them electronically overnight through Chase. They foreclosed on my home after the seconded payment. I got the Justice dept involved, Fannie Mae and had to hire a law firm. “Led to a myriad of problems” and some. I’m leaving out a lot because I want to get to now. After IndyMac OneWest banked admitted” the error was on their end from an incorrect routing #”
    12-2009 I was granted a permanent modification.
    IndyMac sold my mortgage to OCWEN my mortgage payment of $1426. has increased to 1701.”as of April 1, 2015. Fannie Mae is the servicer of my mortgage I reported this to them as to how they allowed my mortgage to be sold to Ocwen one of the ” largest nonbank servicer” ordered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state authorities to provide $2 billion in relief to homeowners for servicing wrongs”. I’m trapped in this permanent modification and Ocwen is doing business as usual even though we are suppose to be protected by The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection act which the cfpb, HAMP, The Treasury Dept, Fannie Mae and ect are suppose to keep our mortgage payments affordable to prevent us from going into foreclosure. Wow! I’m back in this nightmare all over. Please keep writing about us homeowner who are trapped, feeling helpless and have know idea who can and will help us keep our homes.
    Please email me if you want to see what occurred in 2009 and the help I received from AG Holder’s Dept of Justice office in getting Indy Mac OneWest bank rescend the forclosure. I’m just getting started writing calling and emailing the media Huffington Post included to get Fannie Mae, the cfpb, the AG dept of Justice in Washington, HAMP the dept of the Treasury anyone included President Obama to hold everyone accountable and to ensure the selling of our mortgages and foreclosure of our homes stops. If you or anyone can find out about Yale Mortgage here in Florida please email me.

  4. Unconventional story? My novel, SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation. Creative, informative, controversial and entertaining, it will resonate with the masses once discovered. For starters, wild boars stalk, kill and devour humans – including Ted Nugent as they seek equality with man. Chilling messages regarding a number of social, economic and geopolitical issues are intertwined as the wild hogs leave no trace behind – except 2 victims, their bodies found in a gulch in the Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle.

    Professionally written and edited, a number of storylines are one nudge away from going viral, stirring controversy and debate. An opportunity to tell you more about the story, the soon to be finished sequel, myself and my credentials, I’m confident would be of interest to your readers.

    Oh, and let Richard know, Mr. Cruz makes the last two sentences of the book – and he should not be taken so lightly because Black Swan events do occur which is the premise of the book – an “American Spring.”


    Keith T. Bishop