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Why I Choose To Live In Las Vegas

Forget the cliché of Las Vegas you still hold on to, this city rocks.

We all have our reasons for deciding where we live, especially as we grow older. Some stay in the same city all of their lives because that’s where their families are and where their career opportunities were best for them.

I wrote an article depicting how those 50+ will be weighing a future in Las Vegas versus one in Phoenix, a city that has had a decades-long advantage in luring people to the state, but Southern Nevada is expected to come on strong in the future. The reason is that Las Vegas has grown more as a place of entertainment and dining beyond one known for gambling.

But it’s common to see retirees from nearby master planned communities that cater to those over the age of 50 pulling the slots for a couple of hours and then enjoying a buffet at the casino.

I chose to live in Las Vegas in 2005 following the death of my mom and brother in Los Angeles where we were all residing. I grew up in Illinois but lived and worked in Texas where I went to college prior to moving to Southern California. I needed a new start but I had a key reason for choosing Las Vegas. As a lifelong single man, it’s a lifestyle that suits me, even now that I’m 51.

But one of the biggest factors for me was thinking about my friends. I had a couple of good buddies in Vegas and living there also allowed to me to visit those friends in Southern California because of the relative proximity to my home. More importantly, Las Vegas is a place where people visit once, twice or several times a year. It gave me a great opportunity to meet with childhood, college or past work friends on a regular basis.

That happens again this week during the kickoff of the NCAA basketball tournament when a couple of dozen of my friends get together from around the country. It’s a tradition more than two decades in the making. Choosing

Looking forward to it. Happy I chose Vegas because so many members who comprise my inner circle choose it, too, if only for a weekend or two. I don’t think Phoenix has that going for it.

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