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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Hey, Hollywood—When Is Enough Enough?

When it comes to celebrity plastic surgery, once-stunning stars (including Lara Flynn Boyle) have us asking about this real Hollywood problem. 

Celebrity plastic surgery is getting out of control.

Oh, Lara Flynn Boyle. You were once one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. What happened?

Insecurities about appearance plague all of us. But in Hollywood, these little doubts can fester into a distinct disease that raises so many questions about personal insecurities and the morality of plastic surgery.

I’ve been watching the “fix-it” plastic surgery show Botched, mesmerized by all of these patients who trusted their doctor to “fix” something on their bodies and instead ended up with a disaster. It’s powerful how much an ill-fated nose job can affect someone’s dating life, or a messed-up boob job can bring someone down – literally forcing them to drag through life hunched over. On the show, two internationally renowned surgeons listen to a patient’s heartbreaking tale—then go in and fix it.

There wasn’t a new episode on this week, so I thought I had a week off from thinking too much about plastic surgery. Then I saw new photos of Lara Flynn Boyle. Now it is all I think about.

Gone is the jaw-droppingly chiseled face that won the heart of Jack Nicholson – and millions of Twin Peaks fans. Instead, she’s puffy and misshapen, with an oddly sagging and swollen face despite still being bone-thin.

It didn’t happen overnight. Lara has been flaunting smoother skin and plumper lips since at least 2004. And big-name surgeons (actually, Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched) have even spoken out against her having any additional surgeries.

At what point was enough enough? And how do you know?Lara-Flynn-Boyle-2003

It could be that something went wrong with all of the fillers she was putting into her face. So is there a doctor somewhere who’s feeling guilty? Or is it a moral issue that goes back to finding a doctor willing to do that last surgery, even though it’s pretty clearly not going to accomplish what the patient is searching for? Should would-be patients be required to seek counseling before going under the knife, if the surgeon thinks the surgeries have gone too far?

Lara isn’t the only one facing growing older with a face that looks, well, older—Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith and many more. The irony is that as they desperately try to stay younger looking for acting roles—or just to satisfy a long-smoldering insecurity issue thanks to living in Hollywood—some of them become recluses outside of the spotlight. Recluses who look aged beyond their years.

Lara is only 44 years old. Way too young to have lost her famously good looks. Talk about botched.


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