Tuesday , September 22 2020
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New Reverse Mortgage Rules Can Ease Concerns With Borrowers

New reverse mortgage rules

The industry is shifting boundaries, and for the better. The new reverse mortgage rules are helping to alleviate previous concerns regarding these HECM home loans. This sudden turn of events is helping to remove any stigmas that are associated with these loans. According to a report from the Center for ...

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HUD Says New Reverse Mortgage Updates Are Good For Everyone


According to a new report that was issued by the Department of Housing and Urban development (HUD), the newest reverse mortgage updates on the rules and laws have worked out for the better and to the positive benefit of both borrowers and lenders. New changes to the Home Equity Conversion ...

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3 Things To Avoid Spending Reverse Mortgage Payouts On

reverse mortgage

Provided you meet the requirements, a reverse mortgage can put a lot of money in your pocket. Here’s how to spend it wisely. Spending Don’ts: A Child’s Wedding The average wedding can cost $40,000. While it’s tempting to do something extravagant like this for your child, before you go and spend ...

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Can Single Persons Reclaim Control of Finances With A Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage Tips for Singles

If you are single, over the age of 62 and are struggling with your retirement plan and you own your own home, you can actually take out what is called a reverse mortgage to get things back in order. Before you read any further, you will want to carefully consider ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Do An Annual Life Insurance Review

life insurance advice

He should know: writer Richard Reich has advised thousands of clients on their life insurance policies. Just like spring-cleaning, reviewing your life insurance policy should be on your yearly to-do list. Major life events such as marriage, birth of children, divorce and retirement can influence your life insurance needs and ...

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