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Reverse Mortgages More Attractive To Older Americans

Home refinance

Reverse mortgages are generally considered to be a safer option these days. Namely, this is because of the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act of 2013, which added more safeguards and put into place more restrictions for lenders. As a result, a number of lenders offer more lucrative terms and reduced upfront ...

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3 Medicare Enrollment Tips You Need To know


Medicare can be a confusing healthcare benefit to understand. Unless you are already experienced in this industry, you will likely have a few questions that you need to have answered before choosing your plan. Take a quick look at these easy-to-understand Medicare enrollment tips. And don’t forget, you should always ...

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6 Reverse Mortgage Tips To Help You Best Decide

Reverse mortgage tips

Taking out any type of a real estate loan is a big decision. It’s already warranted that you should take your time and carefully arrive at your own decision. Along the way, these six reverse mortgage tips can help you better make up your mind. Lenders charge closing costs. Usually ...

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Clearing Up Common Misinformation About Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgage facts

There’s a lot of misinformation going around about reverse mortgages. We aim to set the record straight. Misinformation: The Lender Owns My Home Now Fact: False. You actually retain your title and said ownership to your home over the entire course of the loan. You can also decide when and ...

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Forget The Skeptics: Reverse Mortgages Are A Real Good Thing


Reverse Mortgages Are A Real Good Thing For Your Cash I’ve seen few things in my life as misunderstood or poorly understood as reverse mortgages, and the more I’ve learned about them, the more impressed I’ve become. In fact, I’ve come to like them so much that at 52, I’m ...

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Why Not Having A Reverse Mortgage Makes Foreclosure More Likely


Foreclosure is More Likely Without Having A Reverse Mortgage You’re about to read something with a point of view that you probably haven’t read anywhere else—and won’t—at least not for a while anyway and that is that not having a Reverse Mortgage makes foreclosure more likely. A few years from now, ...

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