Saturday , September 26 2020
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Robots To Populous: “Before We Take Over The World, We Need To Learn How To Wait Tables”


With all of this talk about AI being the doomsday end to human beings, a quick look at how inefficient and incapable robots are today in an AI setting is telling. Pretty much, robots are rather stupid and inept in a real life setting. Sure, that could all change. But ...

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Tattoos: You Gotta Think Before You Act

Are tattoos still considered “art” if it hurts (and costs) so much to remove? Sadly, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are no longer a couple, proving once again that Hollywood romances can be fleeting. Unfortunately for Ms. Griffith, tattoos last a bit longer, thus forcing her into a painful, no-lasers-barred attempt ...

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The Ultimate Presidential Doppelgänger: Lincoln-Kennedy Conspiracy Theory

JFK Lincoln similarities

It’s time for a political satire martini that’s stirred up (not shaken, sorry Mr. Bond) with a dash of irony, conspiracy theory and oddness. Because that’s exactly what you will find when I deliver to you the ultimate presidential doppelganger: The Lincoln-Kennedy Conspiracy Theory. We all very well know that ...

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NiC Humor: Search Engines


Looking something up using an Internet search engine shouldn’t be this difficult—or humorous. Like many of you, I search online for most everything. I’m also a do-it-yourselfer, because these days handymen charge nearly as much for their services as a Park Avenue plastic surgeon—a price point with which I’m well ...

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Funny Thanksgiving Food Stories: Presenting The USDA’s Top 5 List

Thanksgiving Funny

When it comes to funny Thanksgiving food stories, few can beat the USDA’s own Top 5 entrants. Who’s ready for some funny Thanksgiving stories? Thought you might be. It sounds more like something you would hear on a late-night comedy show, but these are strange but true Thanksgiving Day stories ...

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NiC Humor: No Phablets On Road

tech texting and driving

When did tech, smart phones and tablets replace happy hour as the road’s biggest menace? So this is the tech revolution, eh? Driving home at sundown, I noticed an SUV swerving in front of me, first going to the left over the lane marker and then overcorrecting over to the ...

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