Sunday , September 27 2020
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Lions 5, Poachers 0 In Epic Reverse Of Tide That Sends Clear Message: “We’re Still King Of The Jungle”

lions poachers

In a rare twist of fate that is simply epic, some poachers got a taste of their own medicine in Africa this month. Usually, we’re hearing sad stories about how they’ve managed to poach nearly extinct species that are often on the verge of collapse. But once in a while, ...

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Here’s The 411 On The Rare Strawberry Moon

strawberry moon

This past week hosted a rarity, something that has not occurred since 1967: A Strawberry Moon and the summer solstice taking place simultaneously. The Algonquin tribes from North American named this special moon because it marked the start of the strawberry harvest and season. But it’s known by more names ...

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3 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

vertu smartphone

Smartphones, they’ve become a tried and true staple for most Americans. In fact, statistics show that they are widely used across the board between all age ranges, and they are the more commonly used to device to access the internet. These newer high-tech devices don’t often come cheap. Hot sellers ...

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Could The Universe Be A Simulation? Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks It Might


Scientists have long debated whether or not our universe is real or is just a simulation that’s being projected to us by some species of superior intellect. Most scientists, of course, go with the former; the universe is real and we’re just an ant in the ever-growing and virtually infinite ...

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Here’s How Monarch Butterflies Navigate


They are beautiful, rare and amazing. But monarch butterflies have also achieved another rarity in their existence: baffling scientists on how they accomplish a successful migration pattern each year. Not anymore. After years of studying them, scientists have concluded that these butterflies use the sun as their point of reference. ...

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Robots To Populous: “Before We Take Over The World, We Need To Learn How To Wait Tables”


With all of this talk about AI being the doomsday end to human beings, a quick look at how inefficient and incapable robots are today in an AI setting is telling. Pretty much, robots are rather stupid and inept in a real life setting. Sure, that could all change. But ...

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