Monday , February 17 2020
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Social Security Isn’t Nearly Enough To Retire On, Financial Author Warns


Since Social Security won’t suffice, Peter Murphy is adamant that the time to plan for our retirement was yesterday—so start right now. Here’s yet another Social Security crisis alert: Author Peter Murphy says today isn’t soon enough to plan and set your goals for retirement. With 40 percent of the ...

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Your Retirement Plan Needs More Than Money In The Bank—It Needs A Life

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Retirement expert insists that financial planning is only part of the next phase of your life. Getting a life is most important. With all the talk about retirement, the national focus is on how much to stash away in your 401(k) and IRA and when you should leave your job ...

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The More You Save For Retirement, You’re Better Off Financially And Emotionally


New surveys confirm the fairly obvious: The more money you have for retirement, the better. When it comes to retirement, there is definitely a divide between the “haves” and “have nots.” A survey shows 26 percent of those 50 to 64 haven’t saved a dime for retirement and 14 ...

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A Shocking Percentage Of Americans 50-64 Haven’t Saved A Dollar For Retirement


A deeply disturbing survey reveals how severe the retirement crisis in the US truly is. Those 50 and older got a lot of catching up to do if they want to have a comfortable quality of life due to their retirement savings. A survey released by, a financial research ...

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Social Security: Keep It Solvent


With many boomers set to retire than workers paying for Social Security, something must be done to keep the program solvent—and soon. For those of us in our 50s and years away from our retirement, the experts keep telling us—trust us, Social Security will be there. The most recent report ...

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Expert Outlines Must-Knows About Medicare And Social Security


Social Security and Medicare expert, Andy Landis, spells everything out you need to know before you retire. Many of us over 50 are going through our retirement checklist. Retirement savings? Check. When to take Social Security? Check. Medicare? Oops. Hmmm. Forgot about that one. If you haven’t learned how Medicare works, you’re ...

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How Divorce And Marriage Hugely Impact Your Potential Social Security Benefits


To maximize your Social Security benefits, try and stay married for at least ten years. If you’re moving ahead with a divorce as you’re nearing your ten-year anniversary, it could pay to wait when it comes to Social Security. The same waiting mentality may also pay off with future Social ...

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Saving Money Tips For Retirement


How to Save Money After Retiring Although many 50+ Americans have saved for retirement, few realize how much they need to continue to save through their golden years. With medical advancements making it increasingly easy for people to live for several decades after retiring, it is important to make sure that ...

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Reverse Mortgages Increasingly Being Used To Assist With Cost Of Elderly Care


Rejecting nursing home option to stay in own home is exploding thanks to reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are helping millions of Americans in all sorts of unexpected ways particularly since a growing number of older Americans are choosing to stay in their homes rather than opt for care at nursing ...

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