Monday , February 17 2020
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7 Ways to Save Cash After You Retire

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According to a survey conducted by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, one-third of retirees are only somewhat confident about a financially secure retirement. Additionally, 14% claim to be not too confident, and 14% say they are not confident at all. These numbers are hardly encouraging. However, there are ways to change ...

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It’s Time For Retirees To Take Reverse Mortgages Seriously

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Most retirees are uninformed when it comes to their options with reverse mortgages. Due to the lack of this information, many are simply unaware that they have such options to begin with. And many do not consider even tapping their equity. According to the 26th Retirement Confidence Survey by the ...

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Odds You’ll Retire Are 2 In 3, Experts Say


Do you know what the odds of your retirement? If you have nothing saved up and you are in your 40s, they are not so good. But a new GOBankingRates survey has found that just 23% of workers have $10,000 or less saved up, and about one-third have nothing. According ...

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$5.38 Trillion … That’s How Much Home Equity Older Americans Have


The wealth of older Americans continues to grow and it’s actually worth a lot more than you think. But you won’t find it in many bank accounts or savings, pension funds or hedge funds – even though you will find plenty in those avenues. Rather, you will find it home ...

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Too Big To Fail Banks Can Keep Your Money If They Fail

too big to fail banks

Can too big to fail banks really take your money if things go sour and leave you screwed without access to your cash? The short answer: without the proper regulation in place (which is currently not in place), is: YES. A bank rescue scheme that led to one man killing ...

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Are Majority of Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Satisfied? Recent Study Says…


How do reverse mortgage borrowers feel about their decision after the fact? According to a new study, the majority of them are satisfied. Researchers at Ohio State conducted an in-depth study that included 1,761 participants. The goal was to interview those who had taken out the home loan and those ...

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Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage In Place Of Pension?


Traditionally, retirement plans look to three integers: savings, pension and Social Security. But this may be changing in modern times. Since many employers no longer offer pensions, and with more Americans working until older ages but with few savings to show for it (60% of people do not have enough ...

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