Monday , February 17 2020
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A New Day In Estate Planning: Americans Are Leaving Less Money In Their Wills, But It Isn’t Why You Think

estate planning

A trend towards saving less money to bequeath doesn’t mean people are being less generous. If you’re counting on your grandparents or parents to leave you an inheritance, you may be disappointed. How times have changed in the world of estate planning: A recent HSBC survey shows that 23 percent ...

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Need a Confidence Boost? Your Retirement Plan Can Help

retirement plan, 401(k), IRA

Good news! Post-recession, people are more confidant than ever about their finances – but you’d better have a pension, 401(k), or IRA. If you want to feel confident about your ability to afford a retirement plan, you had best read this. That’s been a constant in looking at people who are ...

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Reverse Mortgage Advice: Four Things To Carefully Consider Along The Way

Reverse Mortgage information

For Americans age 62 and beyond, the reverse mortgage is a viable option that can put some cash into their hands quickly, tapped from the available equity in their primary residence. But it is always wise to seek out reverse mortgage advice before signing on the dotted line. It’s best ...

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401 What? Four Common 401(k) Myths Debunked

401k myths

With a variety of retirement options available, lots of people choose to invest their savings in a 401(k). And there are plenty of 401(k) myths that have surfaced in recent times as a direct result. We’ll debunk a few of the most common ones to help make more sense of ...

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Back To Basics: Why Reverse Mortgages Can be A Great Idea

reverse mortgage

Should you really look to a reverse mortgage as part of your retirement plan, or should it be a last resort if you find yourself too cash-strapped to make ends meet during retirement? According to a report that was issued to U.S. Congress by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, approximately ...

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Is Your Future In Jeopardy? IRA And 401(k) Leakages Are Hurting Retirement Plans

IRA and 401(k) leakages hurting retirement

More and more Americans are putting their retirements in jeopardy by taking cash out of their 401(k)s plans and IRAs and not keeping their money invested. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College warns of the growing problem that is worsened by people tapping funds after ...

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