Saturday , September 26 2020
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Odds You’ll Retire Are 2 In 3, Experts Say


Do you know what the odds of your retirement? If you have nothing saved up and you are in your 40s, they are not so good. But a new GOBankingRates survey has found that just 23% of workers have $10,000 or less saved up, and about one-third have nothing. According ...

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Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage In Place Of Pension?


Traditionally, retirement plans look to three integers: savings, pension and Social Security. But this may be changing in modern times. Since many employers no longer offer pensions, and with more Americans working until older ages but with few savings to show for it (60% of people do not have enough ...

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The Average American Auto Payment Is …


How much money are you paying for that new car you enjoy driving so much? The truth told, Americans have been paying more for cars in recent years than ever before. But how much is the average American auto payment? According to statistics that were released by Experian Automotive, the ...

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Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage For Investment Protection Strategy?

Reverse Mortgage For Investment Protection

The media has changed its tone on reverse mortgages in recent months, namely after new laws passed that protect the homeowners and reduce the chance of foreclosure or eviction. The new reverse mortgage laws also make these home loans more viable as an investment protection strategy, too. With the availability ...

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How To Simplify Your Debt Reduction Strategy

debt reduction

Getting your personal finances under control shouldn’t be an uphill battle. But there are some things that you want to consider doing before you get started on the path of debt reduction. More than 30 percent of Americans are not even prepared for retirement, something that can really come back ...

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How To Determine If A Reverse Mortgage Home Loan Is Right For Your Retirement

Reverse Mortgage home loan

With newer laws and restrictions that are in place, the reverse mortgage home loan is an even more attractive option for retiring couples that may not have the nest egg set aside that they wanted. Newer rules mandate that borrowers have their financial ability assessed first, an update that has ...

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