Sunday , September 27 2020
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$33 Trillion Over 10 Years – That’s The Real Cost Of Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan


Ever wonder just how much the Bernie Sanders healthcare plan would cost American taxpayers? According to a nonpartisan study that was conducted by the Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute in Washington, it would cost the federal government $33 trillion over the next decade. But the thing is that ...

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Should You Use A Reverse Mortgage For Healthcare Expenses?

Revere Mortgage For Healthcare

With rising medical costs and the increasing cost of retirement, a lot of older Americans are looking for a way to meet these financial needs. One question that has been poised is can you use a reverse mortgage for healthcare expenses? In author Robert Powell’s USA Today column, a reader ...

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Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance – 4 Things You Need To Consider First


If you own a home, you need homeowner’s insurance. Especially if that home is financed, where you are mandated by the agreement on your lending policy. But what type of coverage should you get and what should you do during the process of shopping for homeowner’s insurance? Escrow Your Payments ...

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Medicaid Facts You Should Know

medicaid tips

For lower income older Americans, Medicaid has been incremental in providing quality healthcare and a higher quality of living. But Medicaid is not just for older Americans. During 2014, it helped 31 million children, 19 million adults and 9 million disabled persons, in addition to servicing 5 million older Americans, ...

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3 Medicare Enrollment Tips You Need To know


Medicare can be a confusing healthcare benefit to understand. Unless you are already experienced in this industry, you will likely have a few questions that you need to have answered before choosing your plan. Take a quick look at these easy-to-understand Medicare enrollment tips. And don’t forget, you should always ...

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8 Must-Know Tips When Shopping for Auto Insurance


Shopping for auto insurance in the 80s was a time consuming and fickle affair. It often meant you were scouring the phonebook, making phone calls and meeting with various agents. Thanks to the internet, however, things are much more proficient and streamlined for those who are seeking auto insurance these ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Do An Annual Life Insurance Review

life insurance advice

He should know: writer Richard Reich has advised thousands of clients on their life insurance policies. Just like spring-cleaning, reviewing your life insurance policy should be on your yearly to-do list. Major life events such as marriage, birth of children, divorce and retirement can influence your life insurance needs and ...

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Whole Life Insurance: Before You Cash It Out, Ask These 4 Important Questions

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a popular lifetime life insurance policy that can accrue cash value as it seasons. But before you cash it out, make sure you ask these important whole life insurance questions. What is the cash value and can it differ from the face amount? There are two ...

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