Sunday , September 27 2020
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The Average American Auto Payment Is …


How much money are you paying for that new car you enjoy driving so much? The truth told, Americans have been paying more for cars in recent years than ever before. But how much is the average American auto payment? According to statistics that were released by Experian Automotive, the ...

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How To Simplify Your Debt Reduction Strategy

debt reduction

Getting your personal finances under control shouldn’t be an uphill battle. But there are some things that you want to consider doing before you get started on the path of debt reduction. More than 30 percent of Americans are not even prepared for retirement, something that can really come back ...

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Reverse Mortgages More Attractive To Older Americans

Home refinance

Reverse mortgages are generally considered to be a safer option these days. Namely, this is because of the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act of 2013, which added more safeguards and put into place more restrictions for lenders. As a result, a number of lenders offer more lucrative terms and reduced upfront ...

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Using Home Equity to Eradicate Bad Debt

home equity

The average American carries $15-$20k in bad debt, according to This can be from credit cards or merchant and store accounts. Basically, unsecured debt is bad debt because there’s nothing to back it up with. If you default on the payments, the debt becomes toxic, rarely ever paid off ...

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Visualizing Savings: Tracking Your Daily Savings with a Savings Calculator


Sometimes seeing is indeed believing. So how visual and transparent are your finances? If you are not able to see them, they may be mysterious to you. That’s where a savings calculator can really come in handy. We’ll show you why and how, so you can start saving the smarter ...

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