Saturday , September 26 2020
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Here’s How Billionaires Will Attend Super Bowl 50


With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, the biggest sporting event in the world aims to set new TV viewership records. Dubbed the Golden Super Bowl, the theme will be a Midas favorite. And to help better illustrate that, there’s a $1 million Super Bowl package that’s being offered ...

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Travel Anywhere Without Travel Insurance


If you have travel plans this holiday season, or extensive travel plans during any other time of the year, you will want to always consider the benefits of travel insurance as part of your preplanning. We’ll take a quick look at five immediate perks it offers so you can better ...

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Before You Travel – Stock Up on These Must-Have Travel Items First

Travel Items

Traveling is a cumbersome affair. In reality, we all just want to transport to our destination like they do in Star Trek. But that’s not the reality in which we live. The truth is that we have to take an airplane and go through the motions. Before you head out ...

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Oregon, From Coast To Toast


Exploring My Top Three Enchanting Oregon Getaways One of the greatest aspects of living in Northern California is the number of relaxing escapes just a short drive or flight away. Recently craving beautiful changing leaves, mountainous wine country, and small town quaintness, I headed just north of home to Oregon. ...

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Top 3 Reasons To Work Up A Sweat In Conejo Valley

Conejo Valley 5K mud crazy run

By Laura Janelle Downey (former Managing Editor at Forbes Travel Guide) Taking your favorite weekly workout class at an indoor studio could eventually get old. Why not switch things up a bit and try burning calories outdoors under the Southern California sun? Thanks to about 12,000 acres of open space, ...

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“Fall” For Each Other All Over Again: The Season’s Most Romantic Getaways

Fall vacation hotels

Looking to rekindle your romance and fall for each other all over again? Here are our picks of X hotels from around the world offer some seriously romantic settings to light a spark in your relationship complete with special packages for lovebirds and more. Just because the weather is getting ...

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Top 5 Getaways With A Purpose

Getaways JW Marriott Cusco

Take your holiday to the next level with these cultural immersion adventures. When it’s time to plan your next vacation, consider booking a trip that lets you dig into your chosen destination like a true local. Becoming immersed in the culture, sights and sounds of your next vacation spot is ...

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