Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Yes, You Can Use A Reverse Mortgage For Medicare Surcharges

Medicare Advantage

A newly introduced Medicare income scale can make it more expensive to pay for Parts B and D when they go into effect in 2018. But newer reports, such as this one from Investment News, as are saying that it may make sense to use a reverse mortgage for Medicare ...

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Medicaid Facts You Should Know

medicaid tips

For lower income older Americans, Medicaid has been incremental in providing quality healthcare and a higher quality of living. But Medicaid is not just for older Americans. During 2014, it helped 31 million children, 19 million adults and 9 million disabled persons, in addition to servicing 5 million older Americans, ...

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Before You Buy, Read These Medicare Supplement Tips First

Medicare Supplement Tip

Medicare can already be confusing enough of a topic. Then there is Medicare supplemental insurance… you know, to help you augment the other costs that Medicare may not cover, dependent upon the plan that you’ve chosen. Basically, this ups the confusion level to times two. As if you needed to ...

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Long-Term Care A Bigger Probability Than Many Believe, New Study Shows

Long term care costs

Long-term care research also reveals that the fear of spending time in nursing homes is overblown. There are good news and bad news about long-term care. The fear of a lot of Americans spending an elongated period of time in nursing homes when they’re older has been overstated new research ...

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Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care Costs Are “Staggering,” According To New Report

Living Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s costs are out of control according to new report from Caring.com Alzheimer’s and dementia has a high cost, not only to the person suffering from it, but also to the family who must pay for it. A report from Caring.com shows that 42 percent of families spend more than ...

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Lung Cancer Screenings, Newly Approved By Medicare, Will Certainly Save Lives

Screening for lung cancer

Lung cancer screenings will save lives, thanks to a significant federal change just approved. Baby boomers will stand a better chance of overcoming the ravages of Hepatitis C and lung cancer under new rules announced by Medicare; Medicare says it plans to pay for yearly scans for current and former ...

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