Sunday , September 20 2020
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Study Finds Moderate Exercise May Reduce Cancer Risk

exercise reduces cancer

A new study published in JAMA has found that moderate daily exercise can help reduce cancer risk with 26 different types of cancers, including the deadliest forms. The study noted that even moderate exercise consisting of just a few hours per week is enough to substantially reduce the risk of ...

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New Study Finds That One-Minute Interval Training Might Be As Effective As A Lengthy 45-Minute Workout


The next be workout fad may just be the shortest workout ever: one-minute interval training. If what a new study suggests is correct, it’s nearly as effective as working out hardcore for 45-minutes. Now, keeping this in perspective, if you are training for endurance, this will never do. But for ...

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Just 2.7% Of Americans Lead A Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds

healthy lifestyle

America is not technically the fattest country in the world, but ranks in the top-10 routinely. It’s our addiction to junk food, fast food and sugary beverages that has our belts being loosened and sees our waist sizes expanding. Unsurprisingly, a new study has found that a meager 2.7% of ...

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4 Healthy Living Tips To Live By

healthy living tips

In a day and age that is all about convenience, many Americans have completely overlooked their health and wellbeing. Fast food dominates. Get everything in three minutes or less, from coffee to breakfast to burgers, snacks and more… that’s the mantra. But working out, eating healthy and looking ahead to ...

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Will You Binge Watch Sports Or Your Favorite TV This Holiday Weekend? Then Read This First

Binge watch tv

Sitting for too long can lead to pulmonary embolism. What do you have planned this Labor Day Weekend? Like most of us, you’ll be catching up on something you’ve been missing – whether it’s sleep, travel, or time with friends or family. Or maybe you’ve got a well-earned date with ...

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Just One Drink Per Day Can Open Door to Alcohol-Caused Cancer, Says New Study

Alcohol Caused Cancer

If you think that just one drink can’t hurt, an emerging study disagrees with this logic, purporting that just one drink per day can increase risks of alcohol-caused cancer. Most people don’t really think twice about sucking down a cold beer or enjoying a glass of wine after a long ...

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New Sleep Study – How Much is Enough?

sleep study

People who need more sleep should take it For all you who worry about sleeping your life away, you’re doing the exact opposite if you don’t get the rest you need. The debate over how much sleep you really need has always been heated, and many Americans maintain they can ...

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