Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Affordable Care Act

Medicaid Facts You Should Know

medicaid tips

For lower income older Americans, Medicaid has been incremental in providing quality healthcare and a higher quality of living. But Medicaid is not just for older Americans. During 2014, it helped 31 million children, 19 million adults and 9 million disabled persons, in addition to servicing 5 million older Americans, ...

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Hospital Acquired Conditions Causing Patient Death Reduced by 50,000

Hospital-borne illness

The last thing anyone really thinks about when they are visiting a hospital is being diagnosed with hospital acquired conditions that cause them to become further ill or die. But it happens a lot more often than you think. A new report that was issued by the Department of Health ...

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Americans and Health Insurance | Affordable Care Act Dropped Uninsured to Lowest Level Yet in 2014

Obamacare signups

The numbers are rolling in, and the Affordable Care Act is working as intended. Americans and health insurance are showing the lowest numbers of uninsured in seven years. Following the integrating of the Affordable Care Act for Americans and Health Insurance, more citizens are insured than in the past seven ...

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The Verdict Is In: Obamacare Is Working Exactly As The Law Intended

Obamacare is working in

The fact that Obamacare is working so well is sure to upset those who refuse to look at the facts objectively. Stop the fearmongering and lies: Obamacare is working—and how. We’ve heard all the dire warnings when Obamacare was passed in 2010: Health insurance premiums would skyrocket. The economy and ...

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Here’s Yet Another Way Obamacare Is Helping The US Economy: More Jobs


By allowing older Americans to leave the full-time workforce, Obamacare is adding fuel to the US economy. The Great Recession took a real toll on older Americans. When many were preparing for their retirement, the recession hit them hard in 2008 and 2009. Their home values dropped sharply and the ...

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