Tuesday , September 22 2020


Jury To Decide Whether Led Zeppelin Ripped Off “Stairway to Heaven”

led zeppelin

One of most iconic rock and roll introductions of all time happens to be the 1971 intro to Led Zeppelin’s timeless tune: “Stairway to Heaven.” But did bandmates Jimmy Page and Robert Plant rip the tune off from the 1967 instrumental “Taurus,” which was composed by Randy Wolfe of the band ...

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Greedy Label Gives Up – “Happy Birthday” Song Rights; Iconic Tune Will Become Public Domain

Happy Birthday Copyright Appeal

It’s as iconic and American as eating apple pie, cooking a turkey for thanksgiving or setting up a Christmas tree. Whenever a person we love has a birthday celebrating, we intrinsically all know that the song we sing to them is “Happy Birthday.” Apparently, however, we’ve all been infringing on ...

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Get In Tune: The Six Best Music Museums In The US To Visit This Year

Music fans have plenty to rock out to this summer all across the country. If you’re looking for a break from traditional artsy museums, the best music attractions are definitely an electric step up. These six casual museums feature everything from handwritten song lyrics to costumes and autographed memorabilia from ...

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Rock Legend Linda Ronstadt Makes History Without Even Being In Attendance


Linda Ronstadt’s absence from her own Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony leads to a poignant music moment. Who doesn’t love the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony? When I flipped on my TV and saw that none other than Linda Ronstadt was being honored this ...

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