Tuesday , September 22 2020


The Tragic Story Of Soul Singer Amy Winehouse Crosses Generations In Chart-Topping New Documentary Amy

Amy Winehouse

Newest gone-too-soon “27 Club” member joins Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. Gone-but-not-forgotten musician Amy Winehouse would have been 32 this year, and a new documentary is making sure her legacy stays alive. Released in July, Amy has quickly become the highest grossing British documentary of its kind. BAFTA-winning director Asif ...

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James Bond Bomb: 007’s Latest Female Love Interest In Spectre Is a 50-Year-Old Stunner

Monica Bellucc, Spactre

Bombshell Monica Bellucci takes on the iconic role of Bond Girl Lucia Sciarra. When little girls are growing up, there are five main aspirational “It girl” sex symbols shoved in their faces: Barbie, supermodels, pop and Hollywood stars, pretty Disney princesses… And Bond Girls. Even if you’ve never seen a ...

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Tim Burton Upset Warner Bros and McDonald’s with Batman Returns

batman returns

Batman Returns is an American classic and likely always will be. For many, it’s even considered a Christmas movie, which is weird that the film upset McD and Warner Bros. While promoting his new film, Big Eyes, in an interview with Yahoo, Tim Burton flashed back about his 1992 hit ...

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American Sniper Surrounded By Crime and Lawsuits

american sniper

American Sniper is a film based on true events of Chris Kyle, a now deceased ex-U.S. Navy Seal. The release of the book and film have brought about lawsuits and a pending murder trial for Kyle’s murder. American Sniper released over the holiday weekend, but rather than being seen as ...

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Harry Potter’s David Ryall Dies at 79

David Ryall

You may know David Ryall from his wide-ranging film, television and theater career, but he is most widely known for his role in the film Harry Potter Deathly Hallows. Sadly, David Ryall died on Christmas Day, making it a devastating holiday for his family. No further information has been released ...

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Film Banned in Egypt

exodus: gods and kings film

This doesn’t seem like a good end of the year for a lot of filmmakers — Sony having The Interview hijacked and now 20th Century Fox’s film Exodus: Gods and Kings is being banned. On Dec. 26, a spokesperson from 20th Century Fox stated that Egypt had banned its big ...

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Why Veterans Will Like American Sniper

american sniper

Unlike with modern war films we see being released today, American Sniper shows more promise in reflecting the actual characteristics and emotions of war veterans. If you’ve ever watched action-packed war films, you see soldiers being portrayed as emotionless, courageous and hollowed out. They wear army fatigues and camouflage, giving ...

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Jesse Ventura Sues Chris Kyle’s Widow for $1.8 Million

Jesse Ventura lawsuit

The wife of Chris Kyle (former Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper) who was sued for defamation by former Minnesota Governor (and Navy SEAL) Jesse Ventura, was settled in court this week for $1.8 million. In the book Chris Kyle wrote, he claims to have punched Governor Ventura at a California ...

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