Sunday , September 27 2020
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Editor’s Picks

Top Ten Types Of Ludicrous Article Commenters

social media

Water cooler “talk” on social media? These guys just get in the way. Every day, thousands of pieces are written, published, and put online. And every day, readers conjugate and coagulate online and on social media at the bottom of these articles and sometimes actually talk about what they’ve just ...

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Women Face An Alarming Gap In Retirement Savings

Retirement Planning Tips

Women score lower in investment knowledge and confidence. When it comes to preparing financially for retirement, women continue to lag behind men and need to step on the accelerator. In its annual report, California-based Financial Finesse, a financial education firm, found that there’s a 26 percent gap in the savings ...

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Protect Your FICO – 4 Things That Do Serious Damage To Your Credit Score

Credit Score tips

What do you know about your FICO and your credit score? It’s really what you don’t know that could hurt you in the long run. A lot of people are unaware of even what their credit score is. Naturally, it’s not surprising that many people have no clue as to ...

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Want To Live Longer? Then Lower Your Blood Pressure Even More Than You Think

Lower blood pressure

Study says risk of death can be lowered by 25 percent. Call it a game-changer. Or maybe a wakeup call. Those already taking blood pressure medicine, and Baby Boomers who have been lax about checking their blood pressure, need to listen up. New findings from the National Institutes of Health ...

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