Sunday , September 20 2020
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Who Invented Buffalo Chicken Wings?


They come in just about any flavor you could imagine, from Dr. Pepper to honey barbecue. They’re a staple at bars and grills nationwide and a fan favorite food for watching professional sports. In particular, they are not that great for you. But the last thing we really think of ...

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Is Cultured Beef The Future Of Burgers? Probably


Step aside meat packing plants. That’s because a newer innovation called cultured beef – also called cultured meat – could take the center stage. Not just as a replacement for traditional ground beef products, but also as a way to potentially find a permanent solution for feeding the world’s hungry. ...

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Doggone Pricey! The Most Expensive Hotdog In World Will Cost You A Meager $169

Most Expensive Hotdog In World

Few things that you put your in pie-hole will ever cost you as much as something as seemingly as simple as the most expensive hotdog the world. But if you aim to wrap your lips around this pricey, savory treat, it will set you back $169 smackers. A Seattle-based Tokyo ...

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You’ll Have Some Whine With This Cheese! Five Most Expensive Cheeses In The World Revealed

Pule cheese

When it comes to cheeses, we all know that they never really are that cheap. But the price tag on the five most expensive cheeses in the world will have you turning your head, rolling your eyes and wanting some whine (not some wine). We’ve covered lots of expensive foods ...

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Time For BBQs And Grilling But Watch For Food Borne Illnesses

Food Safety tips

Use meat thermometer and don’t keep foods outs more than hour. Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer – and thus the kickoff of yummy summer foods traditions like cookouts, camping, and picnics on the beach. All of which have the potential for accidental food poisoning of all ...

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Meal Delivery Like “Plated” Features ‘Ready To Cook’ Meals That Are Delicious

Meal Delivery

Have you ever felt like meal planning was the biggest, most time consuming chore that there was? Or you were just plain out of good ideas? Newer dinner hacks websites are making it less of a chore and less of a bore with gourmet, ready to cook meals. Meal planning ...

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Summertime Barbeque Tips – How to Grill the Perfect New York Strip Steak

BBQ tips, grill steak

The summer is nearly upon us. As the spring brings in the rains, it’s time to get that barbeque ready for what’s to come. Learn how to grill the perfect New York strip steak every time, and convince your friends that you used to attend culinary school in college with ...

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Move Over Kale: Cauliflower And Brussels Sprout Are The Hot Power Foods Right Now

Healthy foods, brussel sprouts

When it comes to power foods, kale’s still great, but cauliflower and Brussels sprout are rapidly on its heels. It’s not quite move over kale yet, but cauliflower and even Brussels sprout are emerging as the next hot power food item in American restaurants. “Cauliflower and Brussels sprout are definitely ...

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