Sunday , September 27 2020
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Healthier Drinking – Bottled Water Finally Upsetting Soda In National Popularity Contest

It appears that Americans are finally getting on board with healthier drinking. In the latest studies, bottled water is looking to overtake soft drink beverages for the first time in a long time. According to a Beverage Marketing report, the consumption of bottled water increased by an astounding 120% from ...

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Who Invented Buffalo Chicken Wings?


They come in just about any flavor you could imagine, from Dr. Pepper to honey barbecue. They’re a staple at bars and grills nationwide and a fan favorite food for watching professional sports. In particular, they are not that great for you. But the last thing we really think of ...

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Tip Your Glass To This: Study Finds Beer Might Help Prevent Cancer


Beer tastes good and makes for interesting conversation at your local gastropub, but scientists are saying that it may be able to help prevent different types of cancer, too. It’s all about the hops. Researchers are currently using the hops to curb the growth of bacteria and certain diseases in ...

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Why Do You Crave Ice Cream? Because It’s Addictive, Researchers Say


You probably won’t want to read this if you are a lover of ice cream? Why? Because new research is finding that it’s likely the result of an addiction, one that’s very similar in contrast to the addiction that drug users develop. That’s what researchers from the Oregon Research Institute ...

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Is Cultured Beef The Future Of Burgers? Probably


Step aside meat packing plants. That’s because a newer innovation called cultured beef – also called cultured meat – could take the center stage. Not just as a replacement for traditional ground beef products, but also as a way to potentially find a permanent solution for feeding the world’s hungry. ...

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