Monday , July 22 2019
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Richard Zombeck

Good News On Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality FCC ruling

Ted Cruz—yes, again—is on the wrong side of the Net Neutrality debate (even his fellow Republicans can’t figure out what the hell he’s talking about). After months of what seemed like endless amounts of money and ignorant comments from politicians receiving said money from Internet Service Providers to squash net ...

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Boehner’s Minimum Wage Lie

Minimum wage john boehner

The GOP hates helping the middle class, women, minorities, seniors and—most especially—the idea of raising the minimum wage. For shame. Republicans seem to have a problem with just about anything that’s going to help the middleclass and working poor. They oppose healthcare, unions, food stamps, welfare, fair wages for women ...

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Watch GOP Blow It Again

State of the union

President’s soaring State of the Union address comes with opportunities for the GOP-led Congress. President Obama announced some radically redistributive measures during the State of the Union on Tuesday. The Robin-Hood-esque plan proposes raising the taxes and cutting tax breaks on the super-rich and easing the burden on poorer Americans. ...

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Can Your Views Get You Fired?

Political leanings

In today’s world, how you feel—and what you say—about politics can make or break your career. How can this be? In this country we’re coming dangerously close to returning to a time when political leanings are no longer simply regarded as differing opinions and opportunities for healthy debate, but a ...

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GOP: There They Go Again

GOP Corporate Tax Breaks

With the midterms behind them and some significant wins for conservatives, Congress wasted no time last week in doing what they do best—screwing America’s middle class and working poor. Every year Congress ritualistically renews a package of “temporary” tax breaks for corporations in a process commonly referred to as “tax ...

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