Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Richard Zombeck

Republicans Are Psychopaths (There’s Scientific Proof)

Donal Trump crazy

Finally! Scientific studies prove that Republicans are psychopaths. No one is shocked. There have been quite a few articles recently pointing to studies about the intelligence of people who call themselves Conservative, Tea Partiers and Republicans. The studies are scientific, come from reputable universities and organizations and have been peer ...

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GOP Loves Freedom (Theirs)

Governor Pence Religious Freedom Law

As this horrific Indiana law proves, Republicans love their freedom—yours, not so much. The right wing is all about freedom. Their freedom. They’re not too keen when it comes to your freedom and what happened in Indiana this week shines a light on just how obvious that is. The apparent ...

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Is America Really This Stupid?

stupid americans

Time and time again, the blowhards/geniuses on the right have proven one thing to be certain: America is seriously stupid. Republicans are constantly complaining that President Obama apologizes for this country. What is becoming more and more apparent is that there is a lot to apologize for — particularly Republicans. ...

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Scott Walker: He’s Not Stupid

Scott walker

Surprising GOP 2016 Presidential front-runner, Scott Walker, is playing dumb and laying low. Is this a winning strategy? Let’s get one thing straight. Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin who is leading the pack of GOP presidential candidates, would be a disaster as president. After a fairly decent showing at ...

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Rudy Giuliani: American Joke

Rudy Giuliani Obama criticism

How did Rudy Giuliani go from “America’s Mayor” to a national embarrassment? And what does “love” have to do with it? Nobody does hypocritical mudslinging better than Republicans and this past week was no exception. There is an apparent inability among the GOP and their propagandist media arm, FOX News, ...

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Compassionate Conservative II

Jeb Bush conservative

Jeb Bush is singing a familiar tune giving speeches about income “opportunity gaps” without an iota of specificity. Just like his brother W’s faux “compassionate conservative” nonsense. If you’re listening to the news it would seem that the economic recovery has finally begun to reach the bottom 95 percent. At ...

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