Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Richard Zombeck

Trump, You’re Fired! Or At Least Demoted – But It’s Your Own Damn Fault.

Donald Trump

Here’s what “sideshow” Donald Trump, self-proclaimed presidential candidate, now has in common with Kim Kardashian. The Huffington Post just made a bold and truly outstanding announcement today about “The Donald” and their coverage of him in this election cycle. In a joint announcement by Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and ...

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Same-Sex Marriage: The Right’s Stupidity Hurts My Intelligence

Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Scott Walker

Supreme Court’s ruling looms, as Republicans misrepresent the facts. The right wing has begun their assault on reason and intellect with the standard dire warnings, threats, and fear-mongering in the form of corporate boycotts and revolt. As usual, their claims include flagrant misinterpretations of their favorite documents, the Constitution and ...

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